simple Tomato sauce

makes about 8 cups

We use the thicker version of this sauce for our Green Lasagne with Tomato Sauce & Fresh Ricotta, and the thinner version for saucing delicate fresh pasta, ravioli, and gnocchi. Or ladle it into soup bowls, float a fried egg on top, and sop up the goodness with warm crusty bread.

6 cups passato di pomodoro, strained tomatoes, or tomato purée
1 medium onion, halved
2–3 cloves garlic
4–6 tablespoons really good
extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


Put the tomatoes into a heavy medium pot, rinsing out the containers with 4 cups water and adding it to the pot. Add the onion halves, garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste to the pot. Gently simmer over medium-low heat for about 1 hour for a thin, loose sauce, or 2–3 hours for a richer, thicker consistency. Adjust the seasonings and add a little more olive oil to round out the flavors, if you like. Discard the onions and garlic before using.


[ you can find this recipe in Canal House Cooking Volume N° 7, La Dolce Vita ]