Christopher’s Garden

July Catch Up

Well I must confess, unlike Melissa and Julie, my garden has gotten away from me. Everything is green right now save the oak leaf hydrangeas and a few purple clematis on the pergola. The ground hog has pretty much polished off the vegetable garden and plucked the peach tree bare—oh dear!

It all started out so well, the lilies of the valley came up in a long thick row in front of the old cast-iron watering trough. Miraculously, white bleeding hearts bloomed around the lamppost. All the fruit trees flowered, the ferns pushed their curling fronds up through the black dirt, and hostas sent up their white-blossomed spikes. But that was before the weeds moved in. And why are the weeds so vital anyway—they grow so quickly and vigorously—well, like weeds.

And now all I can say is next year things will be different.