Watering Magic

Our gardens and potted plants are going full tilt now. Everything, including the weeds, is full and lush, spreading out wide and growing tall reaching for the sun. Our summer has been a sunny dry one this year, just fantastic for our vegetables, herbs, and flowers. So really, the only thing they need from us right now is water. And lots of it. We rely on our garden hoses to do the job (we never got around to installing one of those elaborate soaking systems!) and on the best nozzle around: the watering wand. Its long handle gives us good reach and allows us to get under the plants so we can soak the roots. Its spray head gushes water, quickly soaking the soil, but in the softest fullest stream, and so gently it never damages tender leaves or small plants. And we’re convinced the wand has reduced by half the time it takes us to water our plants. Now that’s magic.

You can buy a watering wand here