The Finest Mexican Joints
In San Francisco

Julia Lee is Canal House Cooking’s resident “Fry Queen,” among other noble titles.  For this list she’s the queen of cheap, delicious San Francisco Mexican joints.  Here’s her list of the best for Bagdad by the Bay.

[ Download Julia's Mexican Joints as pdf ]

Playa Azul: 

3318 Mission Street

For ceviche in a goblet.

Taqueria Cancun:

2288 Mission Street

For carne asada tacos; They also have sesos (brains) and cabeza (cheek/head) and lengua (tongue). There is more than one location and this is the best one.

Tortas Los Picudos:

2969 24th Street

Try the chorizo torta.

La Palma Mexicatessen:

2884 24th Street

You can get a bottle of hot sauce, a pinata, fresh masa, and a huarache all under one roof. I really like their chicarron tacos but you can't go wrong with anything pork here.

El Delfin:

3066 24th Street

Sit-down, casual Mexican restaurant; the highlight is seafood, especially sopa de mariscos (seafood soup).


Ferry Plaza Market

They have a stall at the Ferry Plaza Market on Saturdays. It's organic, and the cooks are all Mexican mamas who crank out some very tasty, handmade food. Albeit a bit spendy.