food saver

The FoodSaver is a Lifesaver

We’re not into whizzy appliances at Canal House. We pull the food processor down off the shelf on occasion, grab the blender for a quick pesto, or dust off the ice cream machine in the summer, but overall, we keep it simple.

That said, there is one kitchen appliance we can't live without: the FoodSaver.

Sleek and narrow, it doesn't take up much space but it has a big impact. It seals food up in vacuum bags, keeping it fresh and delicious for many weeks longer than it would otherwise last—five times longer, according to FoodSaver's advertising. We use FoodSaver's rolls of plastic to make just the right size packaging to freeze extra ingredients—a surplus of chicken wings or dough for Tender Cheese Crackers (Vol. N° 6, The Grocery Store, page 19). Our compound butters stay fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks and Little Chocolate Turnovers (Vol. N° 6, The Grocery Store, page 117) keep in the freezer for months without getting freezer burn. FoodSaver's thick multi-ply plastic keeps food completely safe from air and moisture, and lively much longer than plastic wrap, Tupperware, or aluminum foil can.

But our favorite use for the FoodSaver is making food gifts. After big Easter celebrations we pack gallon-size bags full of roast ham to send home with our guests. Smaller packages hold a Stew of Baby Artichokes and Favas (Vol. N° 6, The Grocery Store, page 101) or some jammy roasted rhubarb. Our friends won't worry about the food sliding around in the car, they'll have Easter dinner again a week later, and we will never again worry about losing any prized Tupperware.

The FoodSaver and its supplies (plastic rolls and bags) are available on their website,